How does this work?

Once people have gotten over their confusion about why you would order an essay online in the first place, the question that invariably follows is how it works. Fortunately, this is an even easier question to answer. The process of ordering a paper on is described below, and we think you’ll agree that it’s simple.

Step one is something that you, the customer, need to complete before placing your order. This step involves gathering as much information as you can about your assignment. The writer will need clear instructions on what your professor is expecting, so include details about page count, type of essay (argumentative or descriptive, etcetera), what kind of referencing system you need, as well as any scans of textbooks or articles that the writer will need to reference to write the assignment. If your paper requires information about you personally, you should include that as well. Especially for application essays and other personal items, it’s important that the writer is able to sound like you.

Step two is really easy. All you need to do in this step is place your order with the information you gathered in step one. Be sure to also tell us the due date for the paper so we can deliver it on time. If you place your order well enough in advance, it can be helpful to build in a few extra days for you to check the writer’s work before submitting. Don’t worry if your assignment is due too soon for this to be possible, though. We’ll still get it done!

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The third step is to keep in touch with your writer and make sure everything is going as planned. Be sure to check your message board promptly if you get a notification from our system. If the writer has a question they need you to answer before proceeding, the assignment won’t get done if you don’t answer. At the same time, make sure you give the writer room to work. Answering questions constantly makes it hard to write, after all.

The final step is downloading your file and checking it. At this point you can request a revision if one is needed. Once everything is complete to your satisfaction, you simply turn in the paper. Easy as that!